How Not To Ship A Cat


Shipping a cat the wrong way!

Did you hear about the cat who survived 30 days in a moving box that was then shipped from Virginia to Hawaii? Luckily, this miraculous story has a happy ending. Watch the news video and see for yourself.

“This is why they say, Cats have nine lives!” bada bing bada boom! All corny jokes from the newscaster aside, shipping a cat can be serious business. There are not many cats that could survive 30 days with no food or water, on a cargo ship, in a box! I’m thinking this cat had a good amount of body fat and was very lucky.


There are a couple lessons to learn from this story. Hire a professional pet shipper and have them pick up your cat before the movers come if possible. Cats are notorious for getting very nervous and frightened when strangers are in the house turning the place upside down. Many cats will hide under the couch when under stress and some will just leave for days and that is exactly what these owners thought happened with their feline friend. They even waited an extra 3 days to see if their cat would return.

Another option is to put your cat in a quite room in a pet carrier while the movers are packing up the house. This way you always know where your cat is and careless movers will not pack your cat in a box! Start using the crate at least 1 month before your departure so that the cat will get comfortable with the travel carrier. This will significantly decrease your pets stress during travel.

If you would like to take all the headache out of shipping a cat, contact us today. We can provide door-to-door pick up and delivery service from end to end. We will make sure that your cat has all the necessary blood work and that the proper paper work is completed on time, flights booked, and animals are transported safely and in comfort.