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What We Do

In a Nutshell, Our Basic Service Includes:

Shipping short nosed dogs or cats in the summer months can be quite challenging and sometimes may seem almost impossible.

There are a few different routes that Island Pet Movers can use to ship your pet between Hawaii and the Mainland.

In many instances we will use shared ground transport across the mainland US to and from a West coast airport where we will ship them overnight or very early in the morning, or we can use our partnered cargo only airline, to get them from LAX where they have a special service between LAX and HNL which allows the pets to be flown in cabin under climate controlled conditions – sorry no humans allowed.

Currently Delta, American and Alaska airlines not shipping ANY bully breeds at all regardless of the time of year or temperatures. All three also have extensive embargoes for breeds they deem.

Between the dates of May 15 through September 15th many Airlines will NOT ship any dog of the following breeds, including dogs mixed with the following breeds:

  • English Bulldogs
  • French Bulldogs
  • Boston Terriers
  • Pugs

If you have a short nosed pet and will be moving to or from Hawaii during the above time period please give us a call to help you get pet to Hawaii the safest way possible!

Regardless of the breed – we can move your bulldog anytime of the year to or from the island. 12 months out of the year we ship many bulldogs to and from Hawaii safely. This includes English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs Pugs, Boston Terrier and a variety of Bulldogs and snub nose breed mixes. We feel that there are mitigating circumstances that can be followed to help safely ship these breeds. See our Instagram page for tons of pictures of our bully friends!

Special Care for Distinctive Companions

Snub-nosed pets, such as pugs, bulldogs, and Persian cats, are known for their endearing features and affectionate personalities. However, their distinct facial structure can make them more susceptible to respiratory issues and stress during travel. Our Snub Nosed Pet Relocations service is designed to provide the expert care they need for a safe and comfortable journey.

Personalized Relocation Solutions

We work closely with you to create a customized travel plan tailored to your snub-nosed pet's specific needs. This includes selecting the most suitable carrier, considering layovers and climate, and providing additional support during the relocation process.

Ensuring Your Pet's Well-being

Our team of experts will guide you through the necessary health checks, vaccinations, and documentation required for your snub-nosed pet's relocation. We prioritize their well-being and ensure they are fit for travel and prepared for their journey.

Expert Attention Throughout the Journey

During transit, our dedicated pet care team will closely monitor and attend to your snub-nosed pet's needs, ensuring their safety and comfort at all times. We take every precaution to minimize stress and make their travel experience as enjoyable as possible.

A Smooth Transition to Your New Home

Once your snub-nosed pet arrives at their destination, we provide support to ensure a smooth transition to their new home. Our team is available to address any concerns or questions you may have, making the relocation process stress-free for both you and your pet.

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