World Wide Pet Relocation
Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Guam, Europe
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Moving Pets To Hawaii
Easy, stress-free pet relocation for all household pets
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Hawaii Departures
Pets moving away from Hawaii
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Inter Island Transfers
Relocation and transfer services within the state of Hawaii
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Hawaii Quarantine Visitation
We Love Your Pets Like they Were Our Own !
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Trust in our dedicated team's unwavering commitment to the safety & well-being of your pet throughout their journey.


With expertise in global pet transport, we navigate complex regulations to seamlessly move your pet across borders, worldwide.


Island Pet Movers streamlines the pet relocation process, ensuring a smooth & timely transition for your beloved companion.

Our Services

Island Pet Movers offers comprehensive pet relocation services worldwide, ensuring a stress-free experience for both you and your furry, feathered, or shelled family members. 

Island Pet Movers started moving pets in and out of Hawaii in 2009, and quickly began expanding our services to include affordable pet relocation services across the United States to destinations throughout the globe. Our name may suggest we only ship to and from the islands, but since 2009, we have shipped pets to over 50 countries with from all 50 states.

We pride ourselves in keeping our rates as reasonable as possible, compare us to our competitors and you’ll find we truly believe in affordability of keeping pets with their families. 

Pets moving to or From Hawaii

Pet travel to and from Hawaii

Pets moving to or from Guam

Pet travel to and from Guam. All breeds, civilian, and military

Pets moving from United States to Europe

Documentation services, flights, and customs clearance and transfers to all European countries- including Germany, Italy, France, London, Ireland and more.

Pet moving from United States to Australia or New Zealand

Documentation, permit services and flights to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Auckland, Christchurch, clearance and transfers to final destinations in all major cities.

Pets moving from United States to Japan or Korea

Documentation, permit services, flights, Customs clearance and transfers available to Narita, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Haneda all major airports.

Customs clearance for pets arriving to the United States

Pet travel requiring customs clearance upon arrival to USA


Who Are Island Pet Movers?

Welcome to Island Pet Movers, your trusted partner for stress-free pet relocation. Founded in 2009 by Kari Mendoza, an Army kid, Navy veteran, and passionate pet owner, our mission is to ensure a seamless moving experience for your beloved pets to and from Hawaii. With Kari’s unique background in dog sports, training, and an MBA, we handle every aspect of your pet’s move, from navigating government agencies to airport arrangements. Choose Island Pet Movers for a worry-free, compassionate pet relocation experience.

Meet Kari Mendoza

Island Pet Movers was created by Kari Mendoza after she watched her best friend struggle through the process of getting her dog ready to transfer to Hawaii while her husband was deployed to Iraq.

We take the stress out of ensuring your four legged family member arrives in paradise and will be directly released to you at the airport upon your arrival. Moving your pet from Hawaii to the main land can also be time consuming and frustrating.

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