Hawaii Domestic Departing Cats & Dogs

We know the move across the Pacific is a big one

Departing Hawaii Heading to the Mainland USA including Alaska

What We Do

We Do It All!

We know the move across the Pacific is a big one, and we are here to take the stress of relocating your pets off of your to do list! We pick up your pets from your home, make your pets’ airlines reservations, prepare crates for travel and ensure your pets are off safely to their new destination. All dogs will get one final potty break after we get them checked in to their flight.

Sending Pets Ahead of or After You

Many of our clients have friends or family members that we send their pets to ahead of time, allowing them to clear out of their current home here in Hawaii without stressing themselves or their pets with movers, cleaners and four-legged family members running around! Other clients choose to leave their pets with a friend or a family member and we pick them up from their home on the day of departure and get them on their way.
We offer full service pet relocating services on Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island including both Kona and Hilo.

Comprehensive Pet Relocation Services

  • Full-service approach
  • Home pickup for pets
  • Airline reservations
  • Crate preparation for travel
  • Ensuring safe pet departure
  • Final potty break for dogs before flight check-in

Flexible Timing for Pet Relocation

  • Accommodating various scenarios
  • Option to send pets ahead of time
  • Arranging pet delivery to friends or family members
  • Picking up pets from friends or family on departure day

Extensive Coverage Across Hawaiian Islands

  • Full-service pet relocation on Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island
  • Coverage in both Kona and Hilo
  • Trustworthy and exceptional care for furry family members

Customized Pet Travel Solutions

  • Understanding unique pet needs and circumstances
  • Collaborative planning with pet owners
  • Addressing special dietary needs
  • Accommodating unique travel preferences
  • Commitment to best care throughout relocation journey

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