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Please click the link below to our free online estimate form – some government computers block this link. If you do not see please check on a different computer.

Currently, we are working on returning quotes with a 3-4 day turn around. If you need to travel before the next two weeks, please send us an email to with “urgent” in the subject line.

Also, please watch your spam folder for our quote, each month we have many quotes that were sent but never viewed, this is because nearly every email will pull into spam – Hotmail and outlook make finding your quote nearly impossible, if you have an email address other than Hotmail or outlook, please use that email address to ensure you receive our quote.

Thank you, ~Island Pet Movers

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If you are in a foreign country looking to move back to the US, we do not quote this service to you, we would have to use a local shipper in whatever country you are in, such as Japan, Italy or Germany – in order to avoid you paying us as the middle man – we do not quote this service. We will work with you and whatever agent you are using to export in order to facilitate the arrival, transfers, and customs clearance upon arrival to the United States – we can transfer and clear anywhere in the US. – we highly suggest reaching out to your local IPATA agent in your exporting country.

Guam IMPORT/EXPORT Charter for JULY 2022 – Departs Honolulu on 26 JULY 2022 – Departs Guam on 26 JULY 2022 – please CLICK HERE GUAM CHARTER 2022

 GUAM IMPORTS on United Airlines *****  For pet owners requesting a quote for pets MOVING TO GUAM and you are able to use United Airlines, and only need transit services in Hawaii – please click here – Quote information for pets MOVING TO GUAM

Customs Clearance quotes-  this link is for pets that are currently overseas, that will be arriving to the United States needing customs clearance – please do not fill this contract out if your pet is already in the United States ** – Click here for Easy Stress-Free Customs Clearance



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