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If you are in a foreign country looking to move back to the US, we do not quote this service to you, we would have to use a local shipper in whatever country you are in, such as Japan, Italy or Germany – in order to avoid you paying us as the middle man – we do not quote this service. We will work with you and whatever agent you are using to export in order to facilitate the arrival, transfers, and customs clearance upon arrival to the United States – we can transfer and clear anywhere in the US. – we highly suggest reaching out to your local IPATA agent in your exporting country.

Customs Clearance quotes –  this link is for pets that are currently overseas, that will be arriving to the United States needing customs clearance – please do not fill this contract out if your pet is already in the United States ** – Click here for Easy Stress-Free Customs Clearance


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Frequently Asked Questions

We Love Your Pets Like they Were Our Own
Island Pet Movers stands behind our promise to ensure your pet meets all requirements prior to their arrival in Hawaii. If your pet is held in quarantine due to insufficient paperwork and procedures, we will pay the daily quarantine rate until your pet is released. Pets held due to parasites and poor health are not the responsibility of Island Pet Movers and are not included in this guarantee.

The FAQ page for the Department of Agriculture, Quarantine info can be found at

Hawaii DOA Site

If you are moving to Hawaii within the next 30 to 60 days and have not started the process to bring your pets, it may be wise to ask a friend or family member to keep your pet for you until the mandatory quarantine process has been completed.

If this is not an option for you, you can bring your pet when you come, however your pet will be required to stay in the quarantine center to complete their quarantine.

These fees add up very quickly, which is why it is suggested that you find someone to keep your pet for you during this time.

We can also arrange for boarding at our ranch in Oregon for an additional cost if necessary as well. Find out about our Oregon Boarding

Island Pet Movers has many years of experience in shipping pets via airlines. Pet airline reservation services can be used in part with our quarantine process or by itself. Please see our services page for more information

All pets must endure the 120-day quarantine wait process if the FAVN and rabies vaccines are not done before they arrive to Hawaii.

If a dog or cat has had the FAVN with a passing titer level, they only have a 30 day wait after that FAVN draw for direct release to Hawaii.

This process cannot take place until after the second rabies shot which must be given at least 30 days after the first. Considering that the suggested age for the first rabies shot is four months old, by the end of the quarantine period your pet would be nearly 6 months old.

Young puppies and kittens arriving before completing the required wait period will be required to stay at the facility in a kennel. If you know you are going to be moving to Hawaii, we suggest you wait to get a puppy or kitten here, as there are plenty of shelters and adoption agencies on the island.

Yes, the quarantine process is mandatory for all carnivores coming into the state of Hawaii. Service dogs that meet all requirements have slightly different requirements. Pets coming from other quarantine required islands such as Guam and Australia also have their own requirements.

If you are unable to pick up your pet upon their arrival in Hawaii and they have completed all requirements for immediate release, we can deliver the pets to a friend or family member or the boarding facility of your choice.

The cost of the rabies test and associated visits to your local veterinarian will vary.
On average the blood test will cost about $250.00 – $400.00. Your pet will also need a health certificate prior to their flight, again an estimate of $125.00 -$200.00.

The fee for the state of Hawaii is $185.00 per pet for direct release on Oahu. If your pet is required to remain in quarantine once on island, quarantine fees can add up very quickly, which is why Island Pet Movers works with you to ensure this is avoided at all costs.

Please be sure to contact your local veterinarian to confirm their fees – we suggest to call around to a few vets as the price difference can be substantial. We’ve seen some astronomically high fees, so be sure to ask your vet for all fee costs.

Island Pet Movers will handle the booking of your pet’s flights, and monitor those flights for delays, cancellations or missed connections. We pickup pets at the airport quarantine facility and deliver them to your new home on Oahu, your preferred boarding facility or get them on their next flight to neighbor islands.

Of course you can manage this process without using our service, and the forms are available online, Island Pet Movers takes the stress out of the process by providing you with our expert service and allowing you to have peace of mind that everything is handled correctly from day one.