How To Get Military Pet Moving Assistance

As a US veteran owned business, we know first hand that when a member of the armed forces gets their PCS orders, the out of pocket expenses can really start to add up. Although the military covers a large portion of the moving costs, the bills for military pet relocation are not always reimbursed. It always breaks our heart when when hear stories about pets being surrendered to a shelter because our military families are having trouble figuring out how to relocate their pets to their new station. We don’t ever want to see a dog or cat being separated from the family unit. Sometimes you have to get creative to find a pet shipping solution and we can help.

First, we have always offered a discount on our administrative services to active military personnel and we will help you find the most cost effective pet transport option while ensuring the safety of your dog, cat, bird, pot bellied pig or any other furry family member. Second, consider volunteering for a DITY (Do-It-Yourself Move) if it’s at all possible. If you meet all requirements, you’re entitled to 95 percent of what it would cost the government to pay a government-contracted carrier. You can often get up to sixty percent of this amount up front to help defray the costs of your relocation. Of course, there are restrictions and you should consult the branch office which will handle your move.

Another program that can make a huge difference is the SPCA International’s “Operation Military Pets”. Their mission is to prevent military families from losing their pets by providing financial assistance for pet relocation expenses. Every branch of the US Armed Forces may qualify for a grant. It doesn’t matter where your PCS orders are sending you, SPCA International’s Operation Military Pets wants to prevent pets from being separated from the family they love. The Operation Military Pet program was created to help families of the military that have run out of options for paying to relocate their pets. This is a needs based program, created to help those who truly need it and we appreciate their work. You can read more on their website here.