Hawaii Pet Quarantine and Moving Information

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The state of Hawaii is rabies free and would like to stay that way. To prevent any infection on the island they have a Hawaii pet quarantine program which includes two rabies quarantine programs for cats and dogs who come to the islands. The 2 programs are simply named the 120-days and 5-Day-Or-Less programs.

Lets discuss the 120-Day Quarantine program.
The one hundred twenty day program is only for those animals that do not meet the 5-Day-Or-Less program requirements. That means that your pet must be in
quarantine for the full 120-days. the most common reasons for not qualifying for the 5 day program is incorrect timing of the rabies vaccinations or not getting all of the vaccinations, no blood test completed or a failed blood test, and/or animals that are not at least 5 months of age.

5-Day-Or-Less Program
Hopefully, your pet will qualify for the 5 day or less program which is obviously much easier for you and your furry friend. Animals that originate from locations outside the State of Hawaii must meet all requirements listed below to enter the State without extended quarantine. If you want your pets to qualify for airport release, you must also follow the included requirements for airport release. If your pet cannot meet all requirements, they will have to go into quarantine for up to 120 days.

120 days vs 30 days – In 2018, the state of Hawaii changed their wait period from 120 days after the FAVN was drawn to only a 30 day wait. So long as you have met the requirements and have a passing titer, you only need 30 days. However, if you have not done any of the requirements, pets will still undergo the full 120 days quarantine upon arrival to Oahu. Pets can have the FAVN drawn at quarantine to help cut down on the time spent, but all other requirements must also be met (two rabies vaccines, 30 days apart and passing titer)

The quick check list:

Step 1 Rabies Vaccinations
Step 2 Microchip
Step 4 Waiting Period
Step 5 Documents
Step 6 Submission of Documents
Step 7 OTHER Recommendations

You can find the complete Hawaii rabies quarantine brochure and check list HERE.

Critical: Specific timing for two rabies vaccinations and a FAVN blood test requirements must be met to qualify for the 5-day-or-less program. The OIE-Favn rabies blood test may not be more than three years old, but must have been drawn at least 30 days prior to arrival in Hawaii.

Do not forget that these regulations can change, but we always check for updates for every one of our pet shipping clients so that there are no surprises.

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