A Dog’s View Of Pet Shipping





Ever wonder how it looks from a dog’s point of view during the pet shipping experience? We found this fun video on youtube that was shot from a camera that was placed inside the dog crate. This dog moved from Guam to Japan which is about a three hour and forty minute flight. Not too long. To give you an idea, a flight from Portland (PDX) to Honolulu (HNL) is about 5 hours and 45 minutes, so 3.5 hours is a fairly easy trip.


This German Shepherd was a very good natured dog and seemed relaxed in the crate the whole time. He was even well mannered with the customs officials as they took him out of the crate to inspect the interior and then put him back inside. This is a great lesson that shows how important it is to get your dog familiar with the crate well before it’s time for the move. The more comfortable they are in the crate, the more relaxed they will be during the flight. They might just curl up and take a nap like any other day. If you need some tips on crate training an adult dog, you can check out Cesar’s blog here. As they point out in the article, have patience and use treats. I make homemade liver treats for Ruka and he will learn just about anything for them.




We did notice that they did not provide water in the crate which we always do, but for a 3.5 hour flight, this healthy dog was not in any danger. That brings up another point. If your dog is overweight or just doesn’t get much exercise, he or she can experience more stress during the transport process. A properly exercised dog is always a happier and calmer dog at all times. If your pal has not been getting the exercise he/she needs, getting them prepared for the move is a great reason to start getting in more walks with the pooch. It’s good for everybody and will especially help in keeping the move stress free.


Watch the video. It’s definitely a feel good experience.