International Travel

People often ask us with a name like Island Pet Movers, do we ship to destinations other than to or from Hawaii?

Absolutely! We specialize in shipping pets worldwide, not limited to just Hawaii. Our journey began in 2009, and although our name reflects our Honolulu roots, we quickly expanded our services internationally with our first mainland international pet relocation from California to Australia in 2010.

We cater to clients across the entire United States, facilitating pet relocations from the mainland USA to destinations around the world.

We typically avoid providing quotes for services originating from international destinations into the US. In such cases, it’s essential to engage a local shipper. However, we understand that some clients prefer a one-stop solution, and we’re more than willing to assist. Please note that for such requests, the quoting process may take a bit longer, typically 7-10 days, as we need to coordinate rates with our partners in other countries to provide a comprehensive quote.