International Quotes

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Yes!! We do ship pets all over the world, not just to or from Hawaii!  When we started shipping pets back in 2009, we had a clever name as we are based in Honolulu, but we’ve grown, and particularly for our military client’s all over the US we handle pet moves from the mainland US all over the globe. We shipped our first mainland international client more than 10 years ago, we just love our name.

We try not to quote services departing international destinations INTO the US as you will always need to use a local shipper and we try not to be the “middle man” but we do recognize that some clients would like us to handle their full move – if this is the case the quotes will take some additional time, as we do have to request rates from our colleagues in other countries and then complete the quote. This can take 7-10 days. 

If you only need customs clearance at arrival to the US – please click back and choose customs clearance services. 

If you are trying to get a quote to ship a pet TO GUAM or Hawaii please click back and select the Guam or Hawaii page, we have a separate team for both Guam and Hawaii.

**We do not guarantee any particular date of travel, and we do not adjust quotes for new travel dates – the contract is based only on estimated ship dates – please do not request a new quote simply based on a new travel date. (We do not adjust quotes for new dates of travel)