Guam Pet Import Charter – Hawaii to Guam, January 20th, 2021

Island Pet Movers is pleased to announce a pet charter from Honolulu to Guam on Wednesday, January 20th (yes, there was a date change) 2021. 

We will be assisting all arrangements from mainland US, Europe or Asia to stage pets in Honolulu a few days prior to the charter as needed. If you have a pet that you are unable to get on the military flight, this is your opportunity to get your pet home!  

There aren’t any restrictions for breed, pet size or pet type.  All pets will be required to meet Hawaii and Guam import regulations. 

To hold your pet’s spot,  a non refundable $1500.00 deposit will be required, this deposit is not refundable unless for some reason the flight were to cancel (we have confirmed this flight and do not expect any cancellations) This is for ANY reason, change of orders, loss of job etc, the deposit will hold the valuable space for your pet. 

There will be a limit to the number of pets,  capped at 50 – we will be booking pets based on a first come first booked basis. Your pet will not be confirmed until you have submitted your deposit.  All payments will be due in full January 1st 2021.

All pets will be cleared in Guam with Harper Valley Kennel – if you already have a permit started with Anderson, it will have to be updated to HVK. 

Every person’s move will be different and a quote request form is required to be filled out by everyone. Please be as accurate as possible in your measurements and breed (breed will be important for the mainland to Hawaii flight) if your measurements change or your pet’s breed is different than you share with us, this will affect your price.

You do NOT have to be military to book on this flight, this flight is open to everyone. 

To submit your quote request, please follow this link: