Where should we even begin?

My other half and I are currently moving permanently from Hilo to San Diego California. Moving our belonging was one task but little did we know, finding a way to take our Rusty Boy, a 5 year old Blue Nose Pit bull, was starting to look slim. Our dog has the most difficult time being in a crate and having strangers carry him around was impossible. I initially booked my dog to fly along with me to San Diego through Hawaiian Cargo, however, they denied him on the spot due to his behavior. At that moment, David and I knew this would not be easy. Luckily, my other half was staying in Hilo for a couple weeks longer to finish the loose ends of our move from Hilo, so he was able to care for Rusty in the meantime. David tried a second time the week after, and they denied Rusty again. At this point, we were lost and starting to lose hope. We were afraid that we would have to leave our Rusty Boy, that we have had for 5 years in our lives, behind in a shelter.

Our personal trainer, Ted Young, then suggested Island Pet Movers to us. He said they arranged all his clients’ pets through them and that we should try and call Kari and her team. So we did. And BOY were we glad.
At this point, we had only less than 2 weeks to fly our dog before David leaves Hilo permanently. The moment we called Island Pet Movers, they took away all the worry and stress from our shoulders. Kari was out of the island at this time, but even with her absence, she was very much active with the arrangements of flying Rusty home along with her wonderful team. They kept constant communication and answered any of our emails instantly.

They booked with a totally different cargo company, knowing our troubles with the previous one we had. Rusty was scheduled to have a 6 hour layover in Honolulu. Pet Island Movers graciously picked Rusty up, walked him, gave him water, and cared for him in their office within AC. WOW! I was so relieved when they sent me an email about their care and even sent some happy pictures of our boy!
Rusty is now laying beside me in San Diego as I write this review and that wouldn’t have happened without Island Pet Movers. We are sooooo grateful for all their help.

Thank you Island Pet Movers!


Dorothy, David, and Rusty
from Hilo to San Diego