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Halawa Quarantine Station

Did your pet arrive on island before an eligible entry date, or is he/she spending the full 120 days at the Halawa Quarantine Station?

Island Pet Movers has an excellent reputation for our commitment and dedication to the well-being of our client’s pets. We realize that many people do not have the opportunity for their pet to wait out the direct release program on the mainland, and once their pets are on island, busy work schedules, or living on neighbor islands, keep owners from spending as much time with their pets as they would like.

Don’t let your busy schedule keep your pet from the attention he deserves!
You no longer need to feel guilty about leaving your furriest loved one in quarantine. Island Pet Movers is now offering play dates, brushing and baths for dogs and cats spending time in Honolulu Quarantine.
Each play date with your pet is 30 minutes of dedicated attention to YOUR pet only! The Department of Agriculture does not allow pets to be outside of their kennel for the duration of their quarantine period, so we bring the FUN inside the kennel! Bouncing balls and tug of war for those who have more energy or just good old fashioned belly rubs and ear scratches for those on the mellow side! Kitty visits come with feathers on a fish poles and treats.
One-time Initial arrival visits are available to check on pets that may have arrived before owner to the island. We will visit your pet at the quarantine station and send an email right away with pictures of your pet so you can breathe, knowing they have arrived and are adjusting. Baths are also available upon this visit if required or requested.
If your pet requires a special diet, or if you prefer to feed high quality foods such as grain free or senior, we can provide shopping and delivery service to the quarantine station. Raw diets and raw bones are also available. For the safety of your pet, bones will not be left with the pet after the visit.
Visitation punch cards are available at discounted rates. Multiple pets in the same household are also given discounted visits. We have your pet’s card stamped by the quarantine staff, and provide a text message or email with a picture each time we visit, so you know your pet is being visited as directed.

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