Kennel Selection For Pet Transport

Kennel Selection & Preparation



To make sure that your kennel meets all USDA and IATA requirements, please use these guidelines when selecting your kennel for pet transport. When shipping a pet in a crate, you must prepare the crate for your dog or cat with their safety and comfort in mind as well as following all of the airline requirements. The more comfortable your pet is in the kennel, the less stressful their journey will be. Use the guidelines below and check with us if you are unsure about any crate’s characteristics or features. We can have custom crates built for your dog,cat, bird, turtle, etc. to accommodate any special needs.

1. Dimensions:

A. The size of the kennel must be such that it will allow the dog to stand in a natural position,

turn around easily, and to lie down in a natural manner.

B. The data presented below gives a guideline for determining the correct size of the container.

They relate to an animal standing in a natural position.

A = Length of animal from nose to base of tail

B = Height from floor to elbow joint

(A + 1/2B) = length of kennel

C = Width across shoulders, Cx2 = width of kennel.

D = Height of kennel = height of dog to top of head or tip of ears




2. When in doubt, use the larger size. One animal only per kennel.

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