International Pet Shipping Services

international pet shipping

Island Pet Movers has always specialized in Military pet transport which means we have relocated pets from countries all over the world and proudly offer comprehensive international pet shipping services. We are familiar with required import and export permits, documents and health regulations for most countries.

Each country has unique import and export requirements. Much like the state of Hawaii, many countries that have a record no rabies cases are diligent and occasionally overzealous about keeping their rabies-free status. Usually not as complicated as the Hawaii pet quarantine process, those countries still have additional procedures and regulations that you must comply with to import animals into their country. We can tell you which vaccinations are required for your specific country, if blood tests or microchips are needed and figure out the timeframes and deadlines for you.

A few international destinations have a mandatory quarantine procedure where your pet is required to remain in a quarantined location for specified number of days before being released to you. SOme countries allow home quarantine while others do not. We are happy to guide you though this process.

Often, pets may travel with you in the cabin if they are under 8 kilos give or take a kilo. This weight limit is different for each airline. Your pet can also travel unaccompanied in cargo on many airlines which can make international relocation plans more flexible.

Having a far reaching network of international pet shipping contacts enables us to ship your pets and other live animals around the world with as much ease as possible.