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Relocating Pets to Hawaii for INTERNATIONAL Arrivals

What We Do –

Foreign Country Export Requirements

We have imported many pets from many countries and are familiar with required export permits and regulations for countries all over the world!

We take the stress away and will prepare your pet’s entire international relocation for you. If export permits are required we file for all necessary permits, submit any documentation ahead of time to the export authorities, and help to facilitate any necessary blood work as well.

Some countries REQUIRE a professional company accommodate your pet’s export, as an IPATA member we are members of a unique network of professional pet shippers who take great care in ensuring a successful relocation of your pet anywhere in the world.

By Country Pet Relocation Requirements

The Details of What We Do

New Puppy or Kitten to Hawaii from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
Several clients in Hawaii have used our services to purchase a new puppy from other rabies free countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the UK. We work with the local breeder, coordinate all vet appointments file entry permits for the State of Hawaii. Puppies and Kittens from approved rabies free countries are not required to spend any time in quarantine upon their arrival if all documentation is correct. We ensure the documents are correct, and book the most accommodating and comfortable flight for your new pet.

Customs Clearance
all pets arriving from an international destination will be required to clear customs here in Honolulu. We are happy to offer this service for you. If you live on a neighbor island we can clear your pets through customs here in Honolulu, and then send them along to you on the next available flight.


All incoming pets are required to either spend 120 days in quarantine or meet the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Direct Release Program by preparing all necessary blood work and documents at least 30 days ahead of time. Please see our “How it Works” page for more information on this process. Hawaii does allow for select countries listed on their approved rabies free list to enter Hawaii without quarantine. Australia, New Zealand, Guam, and the United Kingdom are on this list. If you are entering Hawaii from any of these countries please contact us to be sure the correct documents are filed to allow for this type of entry.

All of our quotes are provided to you in writing – we do not give quotes over the phone, this is to ensure that we have the required information from you about your pet in order to give you the most accurate quote, and also so that you know exactly what is included in writing from us.

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