Island Pet Movers

Island Pet Movers makes pet transport to any of the Hawaiian islands smooth and very cost effective.

If you are flying into Honolulu with your pets as checked baggage, no need for you to hang around waiting to pickup your pets at quarantine, worrying if you have enough time between flights. Let us do that for you so you can get on the next flight, get home and get ready for your pet’s arrival!

We will pickup your dog, cat or other furry friend at quarantine, potty break all dogs, clean the crates if required and get them checked in and comfortable for their next flight!

Direct airport release

Direct airport release is available on Kona, Maui and Kauai, the cost associated with this program can be quite high, most often starting at $375.00 (Kona is only $150 for the first pet) in addition to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Neighboring Island Fee of $145.00. Island Pet Movers will pick up your pets here in Honolulu, clear them through quarantine, break them from their crate and in most cases have them on an inter-island flight to you on the same day with flight costs significantly less than the cost of the private vet fees.

For larger animals, many inter-island flights cannot accommodate crates larger than XL. We can ship your pet through Honolulu and transfer with our large pet cargo companies no problem!

Inter-islands within Hawaii

We offer shipping to and from most inter-islands within the State of Hawaii, with continued service throughout the entire mainland. We also offer pickup and delivery service in Kona, Hilo, Maui and Kauai.

If you have pets that are here on Oahu at the quarantine facility, Island Pet Movers will pick them up on their release date and get them on a flight to you the same day!

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