Airport Pet Transit Service

If you are shipping a pet to a destination here on the island of Oahu, and you will not be flying with your pet, Island Pet Movers will pick up your pet for you at the airport and deliver your pet to their final destination here on Oahu, or transfer to a neighbor island. If Island Pet Movers handles your quarantine process, this service is included in our basic service contract.

Pet Escort Services

We also provide personal pet escort services for pets between Hawaii, the mainland USA and Europe. Our escort services ensure you have peace of mind that your pet is being looked after during their entire journey! – not all pets can fly in cabin due to size, but for instances that they can, we make this happen as part of this service.

Airport Pick-up/Drop-off

If you have already booked your pet’s travel on your own, and you only need help to get them to the airport or home we can help! We will pick up the pets from your home and deliver them to you at curbside of your airline you are flying with, or the cargo facility of your choice.

If your pets are flying into the state and you do not have a vehicle large enough to accommodate their crates, or you would prefer not to deal with luggage, tired kids and spouses and the HI Department of Agriculture, we’ve got you covered! We’ll pick-up and deliver them right to your home or hotel.

This service varies from zip code and flight arrival/departure time

Pet Boarding

Island Pet Movers can accommodate and make arrangements for short-term boarding for your pet pre- and post-flight. We do not board for holidays or vacations and only board for clients using our services.

If you require boarding services please make this request in the comments section of your quote request form.

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