Relocating to Hawaii from Mainland USA including Alaska

What We Do –

In a Nutshell, our basic service includes:-

  • Preparing all documentation for the State of Hawaii
  • We gather all documents directly from your vet clinic (or clinics)
  • We send you completed Import forms and we file them in person at the Department of Agriculture to be sure they receive everything and that everything is correct
  • We review your health certificate prior to flight for accuracy – and send you a checklist and sample of what exactly needs to be listed on the final certificate.
  • You pay one bill to us – no need for money orders or sending documents via FedEx or certified mail – one bill in one place helps you keep your taxes in order – remember all pet related moving expenses are tax deductible if your move is work related, Military PCS moves included!
  • We send checklists to you, or whoever is watching your pets on the mainland, with instructions for crate preparation and travel on the day of departure.
  • We make all flight reservations for your pets and give you all options that are available so you can decide what will work best for your time and budget.
  • We’ll have you send a picture of your crate so we know it’s the right pet shipping crate – we can also order one for you – shipping is always free within the continental US.
  • We’ll pick your pets up upon their arrival to Honolulu and deliver to your new home. Delivery within 10 miles of the Honolulu Airport is complimentary – if you live further away a small surcharge will apply pending final zip code.
  • If you are heading to one of the other islands, our service includes a pickup and processing from the airport quarantine station, potty break, crate cleaning if necessary and transfer to the night flight
  • And of course you get our expert pet shipping service all provided with the Aloha Spirit of Hawaii that we all love!
Door to Door – Full Service

Our Door to Door service includes all of the above and home pickup and airport check in of your pets wherever they may be on the mainland. Being that we are a professional pet shipping company and part of the IPATA network, we have many professional pet shipping colleagues all over the world. We can offer this service in MOST areas. Some smaller remote areas may be limited.

The Details of What We Do

Verifying Vaccinations

The first step in this process is verifying that your pet’s rabies vaccinations are current and ensuring that they were given in compliance with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s timeline. Island Pet Movers works directly with your veterinarian to verify this information. If you do not have original rabies documentation, we gather all of these necessary documents for you. You do not have to stress about finding “original” documents. In some cases we have had clients with three and four different veterinarian clinics, it’s what we do, not what you need to do!

Preparing documents

Next we prepare the documents required such as the Dog and Cat Import form for you, we’ll send it to you to have notarized, and you send back to us. We’ll file that along with all of your original rabies documents in person with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to ensure that all of your documents meet the requirements for same day direct release. We pay the state fees for you as well – this is included in our estimate to you, no need for you to get a money order or stress about your documents and payments reaching the State of Hawaii

Book your pet’s flight

We book the best flights possible for your pets. Sometimes this might be the same flight you are on, but this may not always be the case due to aircraft limitations, airport opening hours and required connection times. We always book pets on the most direct route possible within these required parameters.

Pick up and home delivery

Upon your pet’s arrival – we’ll meet them at the airport quarantine station. The process for your pet to clear usually takes about an hour, we will call you as soon as we have them picked up and we are on our way to your

All of our quotes are provided to you in writing – we do not give quotes over the phone, this is to ensure that we have the required information from you about your pet in order to give you the most accurate quote, and also so that you know exactly what is included in writing from us.

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